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About Our Photo Booths

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  • Private Enclosure with Leather Bench
  • Touchscreen Controls
  • Preview Screen
  • Countdown to Photos
  • Guests Choose Black & White or Color Prints
  • Professional Studio Lighting
  • 4800 x 1200 dpi photo printers that use FINE ink and 2dl droplets for laser-sharp prints.
  • Photos Print Instantly

Why Use a Soft-Sided Booth?

  • They Look Better! Our booths are sleek and fit in nicely with any decor. They DO NOT look like a bunch of gear boxes stacked on top of each other, which can be an eyesore at an event.
  • More People Fit In! The soft sides of our photo booths allow for more people and more fun in your photos!


Our booths are 4' x 4' x 6.5' tall, and can be put in the corner of a room, against a wall, or free-standing, as long as there is room to get in and out!


You can plan to have the photo booth inside or outside, as long as there is a regular wall outlet nearby. Closer to the action is better!


We carry full liability insurance with more coverage than required by the most upscale venues. A copy for your venue is available upon request.